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Casa De La Carnicería

The Space

Casa de la Carnicería is located in the heart of the Spanish Capital, on Plaza Mayor in Madrid. The Plaza was build in 1617 by the architect Juan Goméz de Mora on the site of the old “Plaza del Arrabal”. Parts of the square burnt down in 1631 and 1672, and in 1790 it was finally devoured by flames and had to be completely rebuilt. This historical square was also the scene of various important events such as the beatification of San Isidro, the coronation of Philip IV and Charles III and other numerous public events.

The exact date of the construction of Casa de la Carnicería is not known, but it is believed that it was rebuilt after one of the three major fires of the Plaza Mayor in 1631. During many years Casa de la Carnicería was the place of the butcher’s guild. When Madrid was chosen as the capital for the whole kingdom, this place was the largest market of Madrid and the main provider of meat for the whole city and its surrounding cities with the most exquisite and sustainable products.

A few kilometers away, Sierra de Guadarrama was the cradle of very important farms and currently it maintains the same distinction, being one of the most important local livestock production in Spain with its own designation of origin. RIB Restaurant recovers the historic Casa de la Carnicería to return to Madrid all these exclusive meats from organic farms and directly serve them at your table.

Its dinning room has direct access from Calle Imperial and is situated in a winter garden in the center of the hotel Pestana Plaza Mayor Madrid. The cozy atmosphere allows you to appreciate and feel the history of the buildings, surrounded by trees, natural plants and a glass roof with natural light.

It also has a bar specialized in cocktails, which creates a very social and unique place for lunch, beverages and also a sophisticated and distinct wine offering. The restaurant has one private room too that can be used for small groups under request.We are in a space that breathes history, art, sensitivity and beauty that will certainly not leave anyone indifferent